House Rules


Respect the neighbours at all times, especially in regard to loud noise and music in the courtyard which will not be tolerated above an acceptable level or at inappropriate times.

Remove your shoes inside the house and leave walking shoes and boots outside.

Do not wear heeled shoes in particular in the bathrooms as this will damage the vinyl floor covering.

Clear up any spillages immediately. Most types of cleaning products are stored in the kitchen. If you are unable to remove a particular stain, notify the caretaker at the earliest opportunity.

The Hot Tub hours of use are 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Please keep noise in the courtyard after this time to a minimum. If you are not planning to go out in the evenings, moving inside after this time will help to keep noise within acceptable limits*.

No candles to be burned anywhere in the house, unless there is a power cut, as this invalidates our insurance. In case of a power cut there is a torch under the kitchen sink and one on the windowsill at the top of the stairs. The caretaker will advise you where you can find tee lights.

Use coasters and place mats provided on dining room and lounge furniture. Coasters are also provided in every bedroom.

Do not bring bikes into the house. There is a bike rack for three bikes next to the far right out building.

If using a disposable barbeque please do not place directly on the decking as it will leave scorch marks. Two disposable barbeque stands are provided for this purpose.

* If at any time we get complaints about inappropriate noise, loud music, or antisocial behaviour, we do reserve the right to ask guests to leave the property which may also result in the loss of your security deposit. If a visit by the caretaker is necessary to control any of these issues then this cost will also be deducted from your deposit.