Hot Tub Instructions

Instructions for use of the Hot Tub are below. If you have difficulty reading them, please download them from the link:

Hot Tub Instructions (PDF)

Our latest hot tub is simple to use but it is important that you familiarise yourself with these instructions before use to ensure optimum performance as it will be far more difficult to read the ones pinned to the gazebo, from inside the tub and in the dark!


  1. Always shower before and after – showering beforehand removes deodorants, cosmetics and dead skin which will maintain the water quality for longer, whilst showering after will remove any traces of bromine which, although kinder to the skin that chlorine, it can still cause irritation in some people if not rinsed off.
  2. Remove all jewellery and do not take glassware or any sharp objects into the hot tub. The tub is inspected before and after each booking and damage to the acrylic surface, cover or lifter is reported to us by the engineer.
  3. The cover should be removed carefully using the lifter. Simply fold the front of the cover over the middle bar so that it is “doubled-up” and then swing it off and to the back where it will stay draped until you have finished. The cover must be replaced at the end of your session in order to retain the heat ready for the next session. Please do not place anything on top of the cover at any time, or sit or stand on it as it is fragile and expensive and is inspected along with all components of the hot tub following each booking.
  4. Make sure the water is topped up and touches the underside of the headrests. If the water level drops too low via evaporation or displacement then it must be topped up or the safety cut-out will stop all functions including filtering.
  5. Operating the controls is simple – press the display and follow the instructions to switch jets 1 and 2 and the lights on and off. Please turn both jets and lights off when you have finished and replace the cover. The tub will automatically cycle through heating and filtering until the next use, providing you have checked the water level.
  6. The chemical dispensers are now contained in the special in-line filters and therefore there is no floating dispenser.

The water quality will deteriorate rapidly if these instructions are not followed and the owners accept no responsibility for disappointment due to misuse.The tub should not be used after 10 p.m. (see House Rules).

To control the hot tub, simply press the button on the display or the corresponding button on the navigation panel:

Fountain Jets 1 – Press Jets 1 or ^
Waterfall Jets 2 – Press Jets 2 or <
Lights – Press Light or >
Back – Press Back or o

Press again to switch off.

Each time you press the light button the light will change colour to another fixed colour. At the end of the sequence (of seven) the last setting will be “colourchange” which cycles through all the colours continuously. 

Hot Tub Instructions