Secure Parking

There is ample parking for up to five average size vehicles behind secure electric gates. There is space for three vehicles on the gravel drive and a further two on the grass. Please only use the grass when necessary.

Reversing in from the road is advisable as you will find it easier to exit later. There is room to turn around on the drive, depending on the number of vehicles already parked.

There is a dusk to dawn coach light in the front drive to assist when maneuvering, or entering and exiting in low light.

Dusk to dawn driveway light

The gates are each 1.7m in width (67″) and so no vehicle should be parked closer than 2.0m (79″) to the gates. The magic eye is on the road side immediately in front of the gates and will prevent the gates from closing whenever there is an obstruction in its line of site. When entering and exiting the drive please do not stop, dally or allow yourself to be distracted once your vehicle is between the gates unless you are certain you have obstructed the beam.

If you are in any doubt you can hold the gates open by pressing the button on the remote fob a second time once the gates are fully open. The gates will stay open until you press the button again. Pressing the button at any time will pause the gate movement.

Gate Safety

Please familiarise yourselves with the following simple rules:

  1. Enter and exit one vehicle at a time and wait for the gates to close fully before attempting another maneuver
  2. Once between the gates do not stop, dally or allow yourself to be distracted until you have crossed the magic eye line of sight
  3. Alternatively hold the gates in the open position by pressing the button on the remote a second time whilst fully open
  4. Do not attempt to exit once the gates start to close
  5. If for any reason the gates start to close whilst exiting, don’t panic! Either drive forward to cross the magic eye line of sight or press the button on the remote fob to hold the gates in position
  6. Keep the remote fobs out of the reach of children as they should only be operated by responsible adults

Electric Gate Operation

There are three ways to operate the gates:

  1. The keypad on the roadside of the gates
  2. The remote fobs
  3. The grey button on the handset in the kitchen which also allows communication with visitors

The gates have protective rubber strips on the inside edge which will minimise impact in the unlikely event that they close on to your vehicle*. A separate pressure sensor will stop the gates closing and open them again if an obstruction stops the gates closing fully, however we do not recommend that you put this to the test as we do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused due to the misuse of the gates or for not following the instructions.

*This will not happen if you follow the simple guidance above and ensure you cross the beam in good time before stopping.