The Mortal Engines Of Papplewick Pumping Station

Magnificent James Watt Beam Engines

The Victorians knew a thing or two about steam power, and delivering water to the growing population and industries in the Nottinghamshire area required a big solution. Preserved in all its original majesty is the pumping station at Papplewick, home to steam powered beam engines designed by James Watt, and the finest examples in Britain.

What’s On At Papplewick

In addition to the beam engines are the Lancashire boilers that create the steam to drive the engines, and the stunning underground vaulted reservoir.

Workshops and public steaming days can be booked in advance, and the site is also home to craft fairs and classic and vintage car shows.

The spectacular backdrop is also now available as a wedding venue, which is especially good news for those wanting to satisfy their steampunk tendencies.

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These stunning machines were built to last and, thanks to the protected status of Scheduled Ancient Monument and the hard work of a team of volunteers, the pumping station and engines are as close to immortal as you can get.